Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Catalpa Rail

We had a great time with the new catalpa wood, making the rail for this high, 9' loft in Chelsea. Catalpa is a local New York wood with a great caramel smell and color, and distinct grain pattern. 

"I deliberately chose this cut for the reveal of the grain in the center of the rail."-Sander

Here's another shot, taken in the woodshop:

Recent Customer Reviews

Recent Customer Reviews:

We needed a craft carpenter experienced with beautiful hardwood and distressed reclaimed timbers to come in on a tight schedule and completely deck out our new mobile catering trailer. Sander moved his schedule around and had himself and his crew in the Catskill Mountains do the job quickly, professionally, and beautifully. We got exactly what we asked him to do: Our mobile restaurant is sided now in rustic weathered reclaimed hemlock that Sander acquired, as well as cherry from his collection of hardwoods. Our business is doing great, thanks to our remarkably eye-catching trailer.

Andrew Chase

"It was surprisingly hard to find a company to build an interesting sleeping loft.  There are customizable dorm style structures galore, but very few with an actual 'design'.  We were looking for something minimal and sleek, with a natural and organic feeling.

I came across Sander's site and it was the perfect match.  The whole process was enjoyable and unique.  Sander was very open to suggestions.  It was fun to come up with ideas such as having the loft be irregularly shaped as opposed to a symmetrical rectangle.  I suggested an actual tree trunk for added texture (and Sander found and cut one down upstate!). The result was a combination of rustic and modern that fits our cozy space perfectly."

Yvonne G. 

Peace Tank

We paid French graffiti writers $500 to spray paint the Peace Tank. We plan on selling the vehicle to MOMA someday.

Clinton Hill Loft Bed, Closet, and Wall

Loft bed, double closet, and new wall, in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn. 
This one combined sheetrock skills, and loft bed genius. 

"The process of getting my loft built was incredibly easy--after one very productive and painless meeting, I left town for a short trip, came back, and there it was. The quality and attention to detail exceeded my expectations and has received many compliments from visitors. It completely transformed the space and gave me a walk-in closet. Sander was kind, thoughtful, trustworthy, and incredibly helpful and responsive throughout the process. It's been less than a month and I've already recommended him to two friends for their own building projects."
-E.H., Clinton Hill, Brooklyn, NY

Fabulous Geometric Bookcase in Tribeca, NYC.

New bookcase, cabinet, and library ladder built by Zen Carpentry/Capital Cooperative. Designed by Morgan Colletta, Fabricated in part with help from Stokes NYC.